11 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have a Fiber Internet Connection

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Internet has changed the way people communicate, learn, research, and conduct business. It goes without saying that a high speed reliable internet connection at the workplace is absolutely necessary to keep your workforce productive and keep your business competitive.


Fiber Optic cables and UTP Network cables connected hub ports.
Fiber Optic cables and UTP Network cables connected to hub ports.



Fiber-optic internet is the latest trend to emerge in terms of internet infrastructure. As a business owner, you may be wondering, if upgrading your internet connection is worth the additional expense. Here are some reasons why every business should upgrade to a Fiber-optic internet connection.

#1. Increased Internet Speed
Fiber-optic internet connections have dramatically changed the way we look at internet speeds. The traditional copper-based connections had their place in time, but Fiber-optic connections are now the benchmark. With this new technology, higher internet speeds are available to help you conduct your day-to-day tasks faster and increase your productivity. It’s a no-brainer that slow internet speeds may cost small businesses substantial hours of productivity every year.

#2. More Reliable Internet Connection
There was a time when copper-based connections were the gold standard of internet infrastructure. We were forced to tolerate inconsistent internet connections because that was the best that any ISP could offer. With Fiber-optic connections, you are assured of reliable internet connections that are immune to disruptions and connectivity issues. You won’t have to worry about your internet failing you as much as you did before.

#3. Easier Cloud Storage
More and more businesses and enterprises are making use of cloud storage for securing their company’s data and information. A Fiber-optic connection allows your business to seamlessly make use of cloud services thanks to its reliable upload and download speeds.

#4. Better Signal Strength
One of the most prominent advantages of shifting to a Fiber-optic connection is the increased signal strength that it brings. When travelling over a long distance, there is very little signal loss in fiber optic cables as compared to copper cabling. According to one study, fiber loses only 3% of its original signal strength over 100 meters, while copper cabling may lose up to 94% over the same distance.

#5. Higher Bandwidth
In simpler terms, imagine Internet bandwidth as a road where your data can drive on from one point to another. For copper-based connections, the highway is much smaller and may cause traffic jams for your data, resulting in slower transfer times. With Fiber-optic connections, you’re provided a much wider highway where more and more data can travel without affecting the speed of your connection.

#6. Lower Latency
Latency is another term for the delays that occur during the processing and transmission of data on the internet. Fiber-optic connections lower the latency rates of internet connections and this can lead to better voice quality during internet-based calls. They also help in maintaining the consistent speed while downloading or uploading large files.

#7. Symmetrical Internet Speeds
Traditional copper-based connections always offered download speeds that were substantially much higher than upload speeds. With Fiber-optic internet connections, the upload and download speeds are more symmetrical. Ultimately, you get more for what you are paying for.

#8. Increased Internet Security
It’s simple really. Fiber-optic internet connections are just so much harder to compromise compared to copper-based internet connections. Cable-tapping was a common security threat for copper-based internet connections. That method of security penetration is no longer possible with Fiber-optic connections. Save your business from a potentially damaging security compromise by upgrading to a Fiber-optic connection.

#9. Better Resistance to Interference
Copper-based connections are susceptible to electromagnetic interferences that may be caused by the operation of heavy machinery within its proximity. These electromagnetic interferences can disrupt the transfer of data and information. Fiber-optic connections are immune to such interferences.

#10. Higher Quality HD Video
Video-conferencing is not a new trend in the corporate world. Distance is no longer an issue as far as business transactions and deals are concerned. You can have important meetings with other people without necessarily being in the same room. With consistent speed and bandwidth offered by Fiber-optic internet connections, you will notice substantial improvements in your HD video conferencing capabilities.

#11. Cost-Effectiveness
At the end of the day, all you want for your business is to improve the productivity:cost ratio. With a Fiber-optic Internet connection, you may end up paying a little more for upgraded hardware, but this technology also increases your business’s potential for higher productivity. You no longer have to worry about connectivity issues that may lead to potential losses for your business.

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