Milhaus decreases Internet expenses by 38% and increases Internet speed by 2500% with FiberX

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Executive Summary

Milhaus is a fast-growing property development company that heavily relies on stable Internet connections to provide computing and resources to its internal and remote staff (the grand majority of its staff is remote). When Milhaus was building out its new headquarters and data room to serve its distributed workforce, Milhaus signed an agreement with a large ISP/Cable company 8 months in advance for 10Mbps Fiber-based Internet. This ISP called Milhaus’ Director of Technology 3 weeks before completion of the new headquarters and said they had improperly programmed the equipment for the new connection and they wouldn’t be able to deliver on-time and would need up to 2 more months to complete the install, even if the sales rep expedited things (and even though Fiber was already being run to a cell tower plot that the ISP leased from Milhaus on the same property). Luckily, Milhaus had recently met FiberX and called them up to see if they could deliver a connection quickly. Not only was FiberX able to deliver a connection quickly, but with great improvement to the cost and quality of the connection, including:

  • 38% decrease in Internet costs and expenses
  • 2500% increase in Internet connection speed (250Mbps symmetrical as opposed to 10Mbps symmetrical)
  • 95% reduction in latency as compared to a copper circuit
  • 75% reduction in installation lead time

About Milhaus

Milhaus is a mixed-use developer that specializes in Class A, urban, and multi-family residential buildings. The company’s services include property development, construction, property management, and asset/capital management.


  • Slow and Unsatisfactory Delivery
    When Milhaus tried to initiate the subscription process for a high-speed Internet connection with their previous service provider, they were met with a less than ideal experience. After failing to bring a Fiber-optic internet connection into the Milhaus offices after 8 months, the company was coerced into settling for inferior copper-based Internet connection technology with another traditional provider while canceling their original order and ordering a new circuit with FiberX.
  • Unstable and High-Latency Copper-based Connections
    Milhaus intended to improve upon Internet instability, slow speeds and latency that hurt productivity in the field upon moving into their new headquarters, but were forced to again run on the same traditional copper-based Internet connection at their new HQ because of their ISP’s failure to deliver a Fiber connection on-time. During this short period while waiting for FiberX to complete its Fiber install, high-latency and instability continued to plague Milhaus’ remote services and serve as a bottleneck to productivity for remote workers, which are the grand majority of Milhaus’ staff.
  • High Costs
    Aside from their failure to deliver a Fiber connection given 8 months lead-time, Milhaus discovered the high monthly fees for such low-level Fiber service with that ISP were totally unjustified. So, it was fortuitous that Milhaus found FiberX and was able to cancel that order for non-delivery and get a tremendously better service level for much less.

“If you are tired of high cost, poor install quality and the horrible customer service of the cable companies, then you need FiberX, who does it the way it should be and will have to be done going forward.”
Steve Werner – Director of Technology, Milhaus

How FiberX Helped

  • Quick and Reliable Installation and Maintenance Services
    After the 8-month installation fiasco with that traditional ISP, Milhaus was relieved to experience the fast, responsive, and reliable install services of FiberX. The technicians and FiberX staff were able to install the infrastructure for a very high-speed Fiber-optic Internet connection to a building with only cable infrastructure in less than 8 weeks. Since then Milhaus has used FiberX on its multi-family projects and were able to get installs done on a large-scale (~100 units) even faster (with 3-4 weeks).
  • Low Latency and Stable High-Speed Internet Connections
    Thanks to the superior Fiber-optic technology delivered by FiberX as opposed to the copper-wire based connection, Milhaus experienced a huge increase in Internet speeds (especially on the very important upload dimension, which was critical to deliver remote services) and a huge decrease in latency. Also, in the past year and a half since the connection was installed by FiberX, Milhaus has only experienced one minor outage, as opposed to the at least biweekly outages with their old ISP. Milhaus found that employee use of and reliance on the remote services increased with the additional bandwidth and availability, proving that it was a huge bottleneck before the change.
  • Cost-Effective Internet Services
    Not only is Milhaus now better serving its distributed workforce and enjoying much faster Internet speeds and stability, they are also saving money with tremendously better rates from FiberX.

“I’ve been asked by other IT leaders whether FiberX was “too good to be true” because of the low-cost and the high speeds quoted and I confirmed to them that it was real. Other cable companies are so far behind and trying to squeeze every last cent out of their legacy network and fading monopolies.”
Steve Werner – Director of Technology, Milhaus


Overall, Milhaus went from a less-than-stellar service and installation experience with their intended ISP to an experience that worked how they work: fast-paced, world-class quality, and super-responsive to the consumer. FiberX saved the day by stepping into to provide much faster, more stable Internet at a greatly reduced cost, so Milhaus could focus on delivering services to its fast growing workforce and customer-base. Since the FiberX has continued to work with Milhaus on its multi-family projects to deliver the same level of service to its residents, on-site staff, and commercial tenants.

“FiberX works with us to design solutions that fit when, where, and at what level of service we actually need and at a cost that just can’t be beaten in the market.“
Steve Werner – Director of Technology, Milhaus